22 January, 2016

My Momento!

Dengan Nama Allah Yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Penyayang

Too many things to be shared but then i don,t know how should i start it...

It is hard. 
Starting this semester is really tough and hard as i feel like someone is drown me into the sea. And i'm suffocating. Until then i'm just hoping for the time to stop and let me take my breath happily. 

But i don't think that i'm going to tell everything here back then.
Hmm... Maybe just a little summary on everything.

Reflecting on what have i done throughout this semester... 
How we start the semester with a pack timetable. 
Doing our first examination and diagnosis in the clinic and how i failed the test. 
And the most unbearable pain i got when i was unintentionally create an issue with the lecturer until i lost my confidence... And i keep crying days and nights that i can't sleep.
Unable to stay focus in the class... 
Saying that i'm going to be okay in front of everyone.
If and only if i can go back to the past, i want to erase all the mistake that i have made.

Life goes on and we start our clinical session.
Dealing with patients.
Working with partner.
Doing ward round and bedside teaching.
Learning medical signs and symptoms.
Arrange the timetable for General Medicine classes.
Competency tests...
Memorizing the Quran...

Management of patients... and yet, i think that I'm not doing so good in my examination also. 
And for this semester, we just got 4 days as holiday. Going back to my hometown. I just have 23 hours left before leaving to hostel. 

Tak tahu nak kata apa lagi... Nervous nak masuk semester baru. I wish everything will be okay and run smoothly.
I hope  that I can handle everything successfully. Counter-back my mistakes in examination and test. Score more and have more confident in front of patients and lecturers.

Aja aja fighting!!!

"Mukmin sejati itu tidak akan pernah menyerah kalah. Kerana hatinya yakin pada setiap janjiNya. Maka sesungguhnya, bersama kesulitan ada kemudahan. Sungguh, bersama kesulitan ada kemudahan."

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